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NANO Light Mini Flashlight
Retail: $10.92
Price: $5.81
Availability: Discontinued
Streamlight Item #: SL 73001 -

Truly tiny, the Nano Light is a weatherproof, personal flashlight featuring a 100,000 hour life LED. Includes a non-rotating snap hook for easy one handed operation when attached to a keychain.

Retail: $112.52
Price: $59.96-$79.16
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Streamlight Item #: SL 1400 -

This flashlight has been engineered to meet a variety of hands-free task illumination requirements with various color LEDs operable at varying outputs and runtimes. The flashlight features a 185˚ tilting head and belt or web clip to allow positioning of the illumination source at the work area. C4? LED technology, white, impervious to shock with 50,000Hr lifetime. 5mm IR LED ? 880 nm peak wavelength, impervious to shock with 100,000 hour lifetime 5mm Red LED ? 630 nm peak wavelength,...