I am placing an order for a firearm and need to enter my FFL information. How do I do this?

We pull the FFL’s information straight from their license, so simply leave your own address in. We may already have your FFL’s information on file, so please note the name in the comments box at checkout. If we need a new copy of the FFL, Customer Service will let you know in your confirmation e-mail (sent during regular business hours, M-F, 0800-1700 Eastern).

What is needed to show I am eligible for the MIL/LE Pricing?

We will request proof of eligibility when we process your order (during regular business hours, M-F 0800-1700 Eastern). Except for military and federal law enforcement, a photo of your ID is usually easiest. Due to federal law, we cannot accept copies of military and federal law enforcement ID’s. Military orders, LES, etc. are examples of proof of eligibility we can accept. For military and federal LE, we have an affidavit you can fill out and return. For disabled veterans, we can accept VA cards with the “service connected” endorsement.

I am (Military, Law Enforcement), what is your (Military, Law Enforcement) price?

Our website already reflects our best available pricing for individual (personally funded) purchases. For agency/ organizational purchases (agency-funded via purchase order, agency purchase card, etc.), Please e-mail or call 910.944.5800 (M-F, 0800-1700 Eastern)..

My (x)% coupon code does not work. What's going on?

Unless they have expired, coupon codes can be applied to most of the thousands of items on our website with a few exceptions. Firearms are non- discountable. Additionally, clearance and other already heavily marked down items, SureFire QPP program products, some optics we cannot discount further, and items with quantity discounts are not discountable.

I am a private citizen, can I still purchase items from your website?

Yes, only some of our firearms ("program guns") are limited to eligible purchasers (LE/Mil/First Responders). Those firearms will always be listed with “LE/Military” at the end of the brand name. Almost everything else is available to all legal purchasers.

I am a private citizen, can I still buy firearms from your website?

Yes, only certain firearm brands are limited to eligible purchasers. Those firearms will always be listed with “LE/Military” at the end of the brand name. Note that some brands have dual listings (example: "Smith & Wesson LE/Military" and "Smith & Wesson Commercial").

I am an active LEO in a state with a magazine restriction, can I still purchase restricted magazines?

Yes. Please note in the comments at checkout that you are law enforcement. We will request a copy of your credentials. We keep them on file for future orders.

I am purchasing a firearm, how long will it take to get to me?

In-stock firearms ship within a business day of receipt of all information we need from you. Handguns ship 2-day. Other firearms ship ground.

Firearm Transfers: Do you accept transfers? Can you please send a copy of your FFL for a firearm transfer to your store?

We accept inbound firearm transfers from other Federal Firearms Licensee's (FFL's) at our Virginia and Washington State store locations. Please contact the store in advance to arrange transfers.
Due to differing state and local laws, permit and residency requirements, state/local fees, etc., please contact the store directly for full information and to arrange for the transfer.
While some aspects of the process vary by location, the following policies apply company-wide:

  • Transfers must be arranged in advance
  • We only accept transfers from Federal Firearms Licensee's (FFL's)
  • Transferees must be U.S. Citizens

What are your standard shipping charges?

Lower 48: $10 ground non-firearms and $15 for firearms on web orders and individual phone orders.

AK, HI: $10 ground non-firearms and $35 for firearms on web orders and individual phone orders.

How can I tell if an item is in stock?

Stock status is indicated in the product listing. Generally, if an item is not listed as "special order, " it is a stocking item. 95% of our stocking items are in stock at any given time. If it is not in stock, we already have an order in place with the manufacturer for more. When we expect a stocking item to be unavailable for an extended time, it will be noted on the website. We do not charge your card until your order ships.

Can I purchase items online and have them shipped to my local Proven Arms & Outfitters store for pickup?

We can ship a firearm to your local store, but shipping charges still apply. If you purchase or special order a firearm directly from your local Proven Arms & Outfitters store, there is no shipping charge.

What number do I call to purchase items over the phone?


Do you do commemorative weapons?

Yes, please see our section on commemorative weapons.

I am a LEO interested in purchasing a firearm with personal funds. Who do I need to contact?

You can order through the website or by calling 910.944.5800 (M-F, 0800-1700 Eastern). Pricing on the website is for individual officer purchase. “Government Sales,” even if you work for the government, is for agency-funded quotes and purchases only.

We are interested in doing a government-funded purchase, who do we need to contact?

Please e-mail or call 910.944.5800 (M-F, 0800-1700 Eastern).

How do I sign up for your mailing list?

Please use the “Join E-Mail List” box at the upper right of this page.

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

We only ship to U.S. addresses. Please note that shipments to APO addresses are subject to export restrictions. Products such as magazines and many weapon accessories subject to ITAR cannot be shipped to APO addresses.

We do not ship to forwarders/reshippers. Internet orders addressed to forwarders/reshippers will be cancelled without notice.

This really awesome/expensive item shows up on the site as being free and I ordered it. When will it ship?

Obviously, there's some kind of technical glitch. We work hard to ensure information on the site is correct, but stuff happens and things break sometimes. Look, we're cool, and with coupon codes and whatnot, there are deals to be found where we might be a bit upside down on an item. No big deal- we usually let it go. Still ,we reserve the right to cancel any order placed on the site.