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The Standard OWB has similarities to other KYDEX® OWB holsters on the market, but BlackPoint Tactical has perfected the design. The Standard OWB is ideal for users who desire a rugged and rigid carry platform.

When examining our Standard OWB holster, there are a few design differences that set it apart from other, all-KYDEX® holsters on the market. Many KYDEX® holster manufacturers mold the holster flat, only bending the edges of the holster toward the belt line. This can create contact points on the body where the curvature of the holster does not match that of your body. Over a period of extended wear, these spots can become very uncomfortable to wear. The Standard OWB holster is designed to have a total curve throughout the body of the holster, allowing the holster to have a more natural fit to the curve of the body. Additionally, the Standard OWB holster comes outfitted with a retention screw that allows the end user adjustability to the retention of the holster to their preference. The addition of metal hardware eliminates a common failure point (loops breaking) found on most OWB holsters. The Standard OWB is great for OWB concealment due to the side mounted belt attachment points. This reduces the overall thickness of the platform and allows the gun to ride as close to the body as possible.

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Metal OWB Loops

Eliminates a common failure point on many OWB holsters.

Sweat Guard

Standard option that extends from top of holster between body and firearm. Protects gun by providing a sweat barrier from the body. Protects body from gun when holstering. Provides touch point for ease in holstering.

Cant Options

Available straight up and down or at a 15° forward cant.

Tension Screw

Allows for quick adjustment of holster retention within set range.

OWB Concealable

The thin mounting profile of the holster allows for OWB concealment.

Total Curve

Allows for increased comfort as uniform holster curvature better matches curvature of the body.

Thread Locker

Applied to all screws to prevent loosening over time.

Additional OWB Loops

Available in 2.00”, 1.75”, and 1.5”. Our adjustable loop is 1.75” and allows for adjustments in ride height.

OWB/IWB Conversion

All OWB holsters can be converted to IWB by removing the OWB loops from the back of the holster and attaching IWB loops to the front of the holster.