ADVANCED CLEANING KIT, DELUXE GUN MAT, ?HOW-TO.? ALL IN ONE. Upgrade your cleaning experience with the world?s first AR15 Master Cleaning Station. Designed for comprehensive cleaning of AR15s. It combines a Next-Gen cleaning mat with an intelligently designed cleaning kit filled with an extensive set of AR15 cleaning tools. It provides how-to cleaning and maintenance instruction and keeps easy-to-lose gun parts organized while you work. It provides a huge work area for a completely disassembled gun, yet rolls up for compact storage in the included bag. It?s called Master, because it does it all. You will call it brilliant.

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PRODUCT OVERVIEW Multi-function t-handle Star chamber brush .223 / 5.56mm bore brush 3-in-1 bore illuminator, doubles as pin punch & safety flag Slotted bore patch tip Smart brushes - designed just for guns Ultra-short nylon bristles provide superior carbon removal Specially designed head shapes Carbon scraping tips Accu-grip detailing picks & brushes Nylon brush Ergonomic handle Angled phosphor bronze brush Straight pick Angled pick 3 premium brass rods 50 cleaning patches Star chamber cleaning pad tip 6 felt star chamber cleaning pads