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Item #: GT GM-22 -

The unique G-Core design enables the user to easily maintain their silencer while still providing the best noise reduction in the industry. Order Details Not available where prohibited by law Offer not available in all states All web sales must go through a Federal Firearms Licensee Your order confirmation will contain information on how to submit your qualification credentials and FFL?s information Coupon codes/Discount codes not applicable Please check out the Individual Firearms Sales page...

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Item #: GT ONE -

GEMTECH answered customer demand with our newest addition to our Extreme Duty line. With caliber ratings from short 5.56 full-auto to 300WM, it's the only rifle suppressor you'll ever need! Made of Titanium and Inconel. Not only does it perform to SOCOM standards, but it won't weigh down your overall set-up. For Barrels:5.56 rated for 7.5" or longer*7.62x51 rated for 12" or longer*300BLK rated for 7.5" or longer300WM rated for 24" or longer*Suppressor life is significantly reduced on short...