Radically compact and exceedingly capable, the SAINT® Edge PDW Pistol delivers 5.56mm power from a package measuring a mere 18.75" fully collapsed. With its Maxim Defense™ SCW™ brace collapsed, the PDW is designed to deliver micro-sized performance. From the included Magpul® 20-round PMAG to the short Reptilla® CQG™ pistol grip, the PDW provides unrivaled portability in a 5.56mm package.

*** Please Note **** Firearm does NOT include Flip Up Sights as depicted in photo

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Price: $1,389.00
You Save: $388.00 (21.8%)
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Manufacturer LE/Mil Program Pricing - Purchaser Must Provide Proof of Eligibility. Please see Eligibility Information tab for Eligibility Requirements.

This is a Pre-Order Item, release dates may be changed at any time by the manufacturer

Order Details

  • Not available where prohibited by law
  • Proof of eligibility is required and we will keep a copy of the eligibility on file.
  • Offer not available in all states
  • All web sales must go through a Federal Firearms Licensee
  • Your order confirmation will contain information on how to submit your qualification credentials and FFL's information
  • Coupon codes/Discount codes not applicable
  • Please check out the Individual Firearms Sales page for more details on the ordering process.

We are proud to participate in Springfield Armory's LE/Military/1st Responder program which offers Springfield Armory weapons at significant discounts to eligible customers. Eligible customers are:

  • Military: Active, Reserve, NG, Retired
  • Law Enforcement: Federal, State, and Local Active or Retired Sworn Officers
  • Corrections Officers including Parole and Probation Officers
  • Firefighters, Paramedics, and EMT's
  • Licensed Federal, State, City and Private Armed Security Officers
  • Court Judges
  • LE Academy Cadets

Springfield Armory's program requires that dealers submit copies of proof of customer eligibility to Springfield Armory. By participating in the program and submitting proof of eligibility, you acknowledge that your purchase information, including serial number will be sent to and kept on file by Springfield Armory.

You MUST qualify as one of the above in order to purchase LE/MIL weapons under the program. In accordance with our manufacturer agreements, we are only permitted to sell LE/Mil program weapons to eligible individuals.

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