• 1lb counterweight system w/battery pack attachment
  • Side cable retention flaps/patch panels
  • Verticle velcro panel
  • Mesh/paracord verticle insets
  • Made in the USA - 100% Berry Compliant

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Team Wendy EXFIL, Multicam, Size 1

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Team Wendy EXFIL, Multicam, Size 2

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The RDX Helmet Cover is specifically designed to be an all encompassing helmet cover. Made from heavy-duty nylon and polyester mesh material, the cover incorporates an integrated counterweight system with slim 1lb metal weights. The counterweight pouch also includes a large outer velcro panel and retention strap for securing NVG battery packs. Velcro retention flaps on each side are used to secure cables and can also be used for adhering patches. The top of the cover boasts a large verticle velcro strip adhering IR patches/lights and includes a mesh/paracord inset on each side for attaching foliage, chemlights, or guiding wires.

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Team Wendya1a1
Team Wendy22