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    Jericho 941 9mm Steel Magazines are available as:Ten (10) round magazine with a polymer baseplate that is compatible with: PL-910, PL-9, PSL-910, PSL-9, F-910, F-9, FS-910, FS-9Sixteen (16) round magazine with a polymer baseplate that is compatible with: PL-9, PSL-9, F-9, FS-9Sixteen (16) round magazine with a steel baseplate that is compatible with: F-9, FS-9, PL-9, PSL-9Export Notice:This is an item controlled for export by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). These controls...

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    MASADA utilizes a modular serialized high grade steel trigger mechanism housing that can be easily removed, allowing simple and easy disassembly and maintenance. MASADA's trigger is designed to enhance the shooter's accuracy and safety. The MASADA trigger has an average pull from 5.5 to 7 Lb. with a clean and crisp break and a positive reset. Featuring a built-in trigger safety, the pistol will not fire unless the trigger is pulled. The shooter's security is further enhanced during cleaning...