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Founded in 2001 in Quantico VA

Founded in 2001 as "Quantico Arms" by David Hensley a Marine Major stationed at Marine Corps Base Quantico. The motto "Armo Pugno Primoris - Arming the First to Fight" accurately reflected its role in selling weapons and gear to the Marines and FBI/DEA agents trained at Quantico. The store was open Wednesday evenings and Saturdays. It was closed while David was deployed.

Prior to his retirement in 2004, David was at Sam's (a pub in the town of Quantico) with friends when he was asked his post-retirement plans. David flipped over a placemat and drew out his plan for Quantico:

  • A Nationwide Chain of Retail Stores
  • Sell Weapons and Gear to the Federal Agencies and the Military
  • Sell Weapons and Gear to State/Local Law Enforcement
  • Distribute Gear into the Marine Corps Exchange

To reflect the expanded mission, David changed the name to Quantico Tactical.

Today, Quantico Tactical has retail stores across the country, is a leader in sales to Military/Federal Agencies via its extensive GSA Schedule, multi-billion dollar Defense Logistics Agency contract, is a major provider of weapons & gear to state/local Law Enforcement and through his other subsidiary, puts the majority of gear into the military exchanges.

We're From Quantico
We're From Quantico is more than a motto for Quantico Tactical; it is a way of life.

We're from Quantico reflects the ethos of of integrity, commitment and service shared by all those trained at Quantico and throughout the US Armed Forces. It is an ethos which permeates the company and is ingrained in all we do. The ethos of "We're From Quantico" coupled with offering of the finest weapons & gear available, excellent customer service and value is the fuel for Quantico Tactical's success.

About the Founder
David grew up in Oklahoma City, OK.

After an failed attempt at college, David enlisted in the US Marine Corps. He spent seven years enlisted and thirteen years as an officer, retiring as a Major in 2004. He holds a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Management Information Systems from the University of Oklahoma and a Master's of Science Degree in Computer Science from the Naval Postgraduate School.

David is still deeply involved in the day-to-day operation of Quantico Tactical and may be reached at: