• Optimized for the AR platform
  • Same plane sight height
  • Compatible with mil-spec height rear AR sights
  • Utilizes standard mil-spec front sight posts and sight adjustment tools
  • Locks into stowed position with push button spring deployment
  • Aluminum tower body
  • Polymer base
  • Circular hood protects sight post

Retail: $54.95
Price: $31.99
You Save: $22.96 (41.8%)
Availability: Discontinued

This folding Front back up iron sight is optimized for the AR platform and compatible with MIL-spec height front AR sights. Utilizes standard MIL-spec front sight posts and sight adjustment tools and locks into stowed position with pushbutton-actuated spring deployment. It has an aluminum tower body and polymer base for optimal strength-to-weight ratio. The circular hood protects sight post and increases speed acquiring sight picture. Made in the USA.